II String Quartet

The piece was commissioned by and dedicated to Varsovia Quartet. At the request of band members it was written to meet their individual abilities and music styles. The form of the composition draws on the one exercised by the First Viennese School, Romantic music and such composers as Bartók, Ravel, Szymanowski and many others. The intention of the composer was to use similar form but to express solely individual feelings.

Form devices are modern with dominant polyphony. The first movement is an easy going sonata allegro with two contrasting theme groups – the first energetic and the second lyrical. The second movement has basic features of grand three-piece song. Unlike the first and the third, it is very lyrical, reflective and contemplative. The third movement, characterised by vitality and verve, is similar to rondo in its form.

All movements despite differences in form and ambience compose a uniform and coherent piece.