Violin Concerto

Duration: 26'
Movements: Allegro ma non troppo e molto maestoso / Lento molto / Allegro appassionato
Instrumentation: 3332 4331 tmp batt (4 esec) ar vl archi (88675)
Composed in: 1955

The piece was composed for violin player Mrs. Wanda Wiłkomirska. The composition has a classical form and consists of three movements. The first – Allegro ma non troppo e molto maestoso – with virtuoso cadenza. The second – Lento molto – with A-B-A structure. The third –  Allegro appassionato – in rondo form.

The piece is moderately modern, yet still allowing the artist to demonstrate virtuosity. The piece has a balance between virtuoso parts and musical content. The structure of the concerto is very logic and atonal.