The Dancing Master

Composed in: 1955

Music for theatre play – comedy in three acts – The Dancing Master (El maestro de danzar, 1594) by Lope de Vega. Full name Felix Arturo Lope de Vega y Carpio (1562-1653) was a Spanish playwright and poet. Translated by Włodzimierz Słobodnik and directed by Roman Sykała. The spectacle premiere took place in Teatr Powszechny in Łódź on 28 July 1955.


Composed in: 1956

Music for theatre play Manfred – drama in three acts by Adolf Rudnicki, directed by Marek Okopiński. The premiere spectacle took place on the 9 November  1956 roku in Teatr Nowy in Łódź.


Composed in: 1954

Music for theatre play Sauna (from Russian Banya), drama in six parts by Russian poet and playwright Vladimir Mayakovski (1893-1930). Translated by Artur Sandauer and directed by Kazimierz Dejmek. The spectacle premiere took place on 11 December 1954 in Teatr Nowy in Łódź.

The Road to Rome

Composed in: 1962

This is music for the play The Road to Rome by Robert Emmet Sherwood (1986-1955). Translated by Wacława Komarnicka and Krystyna Tarnowska, directed by Roman Skała. The spectacle premiere took place on 17 March 1962 in Teatr Powszechny in Łódź.