Music for short film “ABC malarstwa”

Duration: 19'
Composed in: 1959

ABC malarstwa was an educational film about art produced by Wytwórnia Filmów Oświatowych w Łodzi. It teaches about history of painting from Gothic to the XX century and about theory of painting, means of expression and development of form in particular. Director and script author – Bohdan Mościcki; commentary – Prof. Jan Białostocki; camera – […]

Music for short film “Lis chytrusek”

Duration: 12'
Composed in: 1951

Music illustrating a black and white film produced in Studio Filmów Kukiełkowych in Łódź. Director and script author – Zenon Wasilewski; camera – Zygmunt Kamiński. The plot of the film is about a hungry fox which had been praising the alleged beauty of the crow’s voice for so long that the crow eventually opened its […]