A Game (Skipping Rope)

Duration: 20''
Movements: Scherzando moderato
Instrumentation: pft

Composition written for educational purposes between 1967 and 1977. The exact year is difficult to establish. This one movement piano piece focuses on such harmonic features as tone clusters and bitonality. The piece was originally titled Skipping Rope but was eventually published as A Game.

Song About Halftones

Movements: Moderato
Instrumentation: S pft
Composed in: 1967

This piano accompaniment was composed for the melody and lyrics of Hanna Lachertowa for educational purposes. It is one movement piece performed both by a teacher and a student during musical classes. Composition was included in a school book Note, Sound, Key – the beginning of piano playing (Nuta. Dźwięk. Klawisz – Początki gry na fortepianie) published […]


Duration: 2'
Movements: Andante
Instrumentation: pft
Composed in: 1975

This piano piece was composed for educational purposes. It is a one movement composition with a figurative melodic line, whole tone scale and variable tempo containing rhythmic triplet, free in form, moved simultaneous chords and chords without modulation.