Ballet Legend of Warsaw

Duration: 80'
Instrumentation: 3333 4331 tmp batt ar archi
Composed in: 1959

Ballet in 2 acts based on libretto by Irena Turska explores a popular plot in Polish stories for children, of a beautiful princess turned into a duck by a wicked wizard. The duck wanders in mysterious cellars of Ostrogski Castle in Warsaw at Tamka Street.

Gdańsk Romance

Duration: 120'
Instrumentation: 3333 4331 tmp batt xlf ar cmb archi
Composed in: 1964

The opera was composed for the libretto of Wiktor Brégy, based on the story by Jadwiga Luszczewska (Deotyma), titled Panienka z okienka. The story takes place in the XVII century in the town of Gdańsk in the Kingdom of Poland ruled by king Władysław IV.


Duration: 40'
Instrumentation: 3333 4331 tmp batt xlf ar archi; ST Bar B coro (2S2A) coro (2T2B) coro (SATB)
Composed in: 1967

Radio opera in one act composed for the libretto by Zbigniew Kopalka and texts of  Herodotus the Greek historian and Archilochus the Greek poet. Their texts show  sinister consequences of Aphrodite’s envy. The young and beautiful queen Ligeia enraged the Greek goddess of love envious about Zeus. As a result fights erupt in the kingdom, […]