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Back in Warsaw

Our life back in Warsaw was still very active. Antonina and Artur continued their education at a music college and Paweł went to a state primary music school. He was the only one among our children who did not want to be a musician, and after he finished the 22nd High School he went to […]

10 years in Łódź

For the next ten years, I worked as a pedagogue at the State Higher Music School in Łódź. At this point, I should go back to 1944, when I was offered a job as an organist in Ursus near Warsaw. I took this job because it provided better financial conditions and because I wanted to […]

In Płock

In February 1945, the German occupation was over. Smoke had not yet dispersed over the ruins of war when I went to Płock to establish a music school there. The idea to found a school in Plock first occurred to me during the occupation in Warsaw. I discussed this plan with many distinguished representatives of […]

During German occupation

During the second year of my study, I found employment as an organist at the Jesuit Church in Świętojańska St. in Warsaw. There, I worked and studied until 1939 when I enrolled in the army. Initially, I was in service in Toruń, and then in Wesoła near Warsaw [2]. After the German attack, my unit was […]

Becoming a musician

Learning at the Organist School absorbed me very much, and for the four years I was an exemplary student. To demonstrate this, let me just say that I hardly ever went home for holidays or vacations. Instead, I stayed in Płock to practice passionately, taking advantage of the fact that the instruments were not occupied. […]


This biography was written by the composer in Warsaw, Poland, on 20th November, 1995 My father Teofil Paciorkiewicz was a milling master recognised in Sierpc and in the Sierpc district in central Poland. My mother, Józefa nee Frejlich, ran a tailor’s shop which was very popular with the ladies from the town and the surrounding […]

2nd National Competition of Young Music Talents

The State Music School in Sierpc, Centre for Culture and Arts in Sierpc and Mayor of Sierpc oganised the 2nd National Competition of Young Music Talents in Sierpc on 10, 11 May 2014. The main prize is a opportunity to take part in a concert with a symphonic orchestra on the 8th May 2015.


On the 30 November 2013 at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw took place a conference Understanding Music. The event was organised on the 15 th anniversary of the composer’s death by  the Department of the Theory of Music. During the conference the following chamber music pieces were performed: Divertimento, 2nd song from […]

Winners of the First National Competition of Young Music Personalities play at the Gala Concerto

Winners of the First National Competition of Young  Music Personalities will perform at the in Sierpc on the 8 November 2013. Performers: – Płock Symphonic Orchestra – winners of the competition: Kamila Sacharzewska, Michał Ochab, Wojciech Ulanowski – and: Agnieszka Kadłubowska, Artur Paciorkiewicz, Rafał Gzella Programme of the concerto includes compositions by: T. Paciorkiewicz, M. […]