Chamber Music for 2 Brass Quartets

Movements: Allegro non troppo / Allegro / Adagio / Allegretto / Lento / Allegro deciso
Instrumentation: 2tr 2trbn - 2tr 2trbn (2tr 2trbn - 2tr 1tb 1trbn)
Composed in: 1978

Also known as Kammermusik für 2 Blechbleserquartette the composition consists of six contrasting movements. Main features are polyphony and dual-choir – constant correspondence between individual voices as well as the two quartets.

Sea-froth Cut-outs (I)

Duration: 11'
Movements: Majsterek / Przyszła koza do woza / Kołysanka / Wrzos / Strach
Instrumentation: fl ob cl(B) cor(F) fg coro (2SA)
Composed in: 1956

This composition is a small cantata for three voice children’s choir and brass quintet with lyrics by Włodzimierz Słobodnik. The inspiration to write this piece was a nice and cheerful poem received from its author Włodzimierz Słobodnik during holiday in Dom Pracy Twórczej ZAIKS in Ustka in 1956. Read more