3 Musical Moments for 5 Clarinets

Duration: 10'
Movements: Moderato / Andante / Allegro assai
Instrumentation: cl(Es) 3cl(B) cl.b
Composed in: 1985

Concerto Music for Large Wind Band

Duration: 12'
Composed in: 1984

Divertimento for Clarinet and Piano

Duration: 10'
Movements: Comodo / Lento cantabile / Giocoso
Instrumentation: cl(B) pft
Composed in: 1968

The piece was written as part of composer’s plan to write a series of compositions for wind instruments in a cooperation with the Department of Wind Instruments at PWSM in Warsaw. The piece has three movements with the first and the third lively and joyful. The second movement has a melodious Read more

Divertimento for Clarinet and String Band

Duration: 10'
Movements: Comodo / Lento cantabile / Giocoso
Instrumentation: cl(B) archi
Composed in: 1968

Music for Harp, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn and Bassoon

Duration: 12'
Movements: Moderato / Allegro / Comodo / Quasi scherzando / Presto
Instrumentation: ar fl ob cl(B) cor(F) fg
Composed in: 1963

Music for Ten

Duration: 14'
Movements: Allegro non troppo / Allegro / Adagio / Allegretto / Largo / Allegro deciso
Instrumentation: fl ob cl(B) cor(F) fg vl1 vl2 vla vc cb
Composed in: 1991

Preludes for Wind Quintet

Czas: 14'
Części utworu: Calmato / Moderato / L'istesso tempo - Allegro / Lento / Deciso
Instrumentacja: fl ob cl cor fg
Rok: 1980

Quintet for Wind Instruments

Duration: 12'
Movements: Allegro / Lento / Allegro scherzando (e molto rustico)
Instrumentation: fl ob cl cor fg
Composed in: 1951

Reed Trio

Duration: 10'
Movements: Allegretto / Lento / Scherzando / Comodo / Allegro non troppo
Instrumentation: ob cl fg
Composed in: 1963

Five movement composition for oboe, clarinet and bassoon written at the commission of Mr. Benedykt Górecki, Head of Chamber Wind Instruments Class in PWSM in Warsaw. Contrasting tempo and texture is at the basis of creating emotion and narrative features in all movements with intermittent Read more