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Short composition for piano written for educational purposes. It is one movement piece for piano with A-B-A structure, bitonal and with variational character.


Krakowiak (I)

The piece composed for educational purposes. It is one movement composition in the form and tempo of Krakowiak dance (one of Polish national dances). Composition was included in a school book Note, Sound, Key – the beginning of piano playing (Nuta. Dźwięk. Klawisz – Początki gry na fortepianie) published in 1979 by WSiP.


Krakowiak (Polish dance)

This is one movement piece in the form of rondo composed for educational purposes. It has a lively, sprightly character with frequent changes of melody between hands. Initially titled Arlequine Dance and Polish Dance, it was 10 bars longer.


Oberek – for 2 pianos

Composition written for educational purposes in the tempo and form of a Polish lively dance Oberek – one of five Polish national dances – for two pianos for children. The exact year of composition is not known but it was written between 1967 and 1977.


Polonez from the Opera Gdańsk Romance

The piece is a transcription of the fragment of Gdańsk Romance opera – Polonez dance (Polonez is one of five Polish national dances) – written for the Polish Army Forces Representative Band.