A jak śpiewać, to już śpiewać

This is choral song for three equal voices based on the poem by Polish poet Maria Konopnicka (1842-1910). It was written for the Children Choir of the State Music School No. 1 in Warsaw, directed by Mr. Zbigniew Soja.

Brothers in Fate

This is a song for three equal voices with lyrics by poet Julian Tuwim.

Homeland – choral song for 3 equal voices

This composition was written for the school choir lead by Mr. Zbigniew Soja in PPSM No. 1 in Warsaw. It has a ceremonial character and was written for the lyrics of poet Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński. It features a well developed form and is an apotheosis of a common people song. This one movement piece has Read more

Mazur Kajdaniarski – for 2 equal voices

One movement piece for the lyrics of the song Mazur Kajdaniarski, composed in 1949. The lyrics were originally written in 1886 after the trial of Proletariat group in Warsaw Citadel, which at the time was under Russian occupation. The piece was also transcripted for 3 voice choir and for 4 voice choir.

Our May

The song for three equal voices for the lyrics of Polish poet Władysław Broniewski (1897-1962).