6 Miniatures for 4 Trombones

Duration: 10'
Movements: Lento moderato / Allegretto / Moderato maestoso / Marciale grottesco / Grave maestoso / Allegro scherzando
Instrumentation: 4 trbn
Composed in: 1972

Chamber Music for 2 Brass Quartets

Movements: Allegro non troppo / Allegro / Adagio / Allegretto / Lento / Allegro deciso
Instrumentation: 2tr 2trbn - 2tr 2trbn (2tr 2trbn - 2tr 1tb 1trbn)
Composed in: 1978

Also known as Kammermusik für 2 Blechbleserquartette the composition consists of six contrasting movements. Main features are polyphony and dual-choir – constant correspondence between individual voices as well as the two quartets.

Flute Quintet

Duration: 18'
Movements: Moderato / Andante / Comodo
Instrumentation: vl1 vl2 vla vc fl
Composed in: 1988

The piece was composed for the flute player Mrs. Elżbieta Gajewska and Wilanow Quartet in 1974. However personal changes in the Quartet delayed the work and it was finally finished in 1988. It is a composition in the sonata form with three contrasting movements. Read more

Piano Quintet

Duration: 17'
Movements: Allegro ben moderato / Andante / Con moto
Instrumentation: vl1 vl2 vla vc pft
Composed in: 1972

This three movement composition with the form close to sonata was written for the Warsaw Piano Quintet. The movements are contrasting. The first one is a free form of sonata allegro and features thematic dualism, develpoment and reprise. The second movement has a peaceful character. Each repetition Read more

Small Suite for 4 Horns

Duration: 10'
Movements: Allegro / Lento / Marciale / Andante / Allegro
Instrumentation: 4 cor(F)
Composed in: 1971

Also known as Quartet for 4 French Horns. For this composition composer was presented with the Award of the Minister of Defence of the 3rd degree on 12 October 1974.

I String Quartet

Duration: 15'
Movements: Larghetto - Allegro ben moderato / Lento molto / Finale scherzando
Instrumentation: vl1 vl2 vla vc
Composed in: 1960

This is a three movement piece. The short and slow introduction in the first movement blends into sonata allegro – Allegro ben moderato – with the energetic, even impulsive first theme and lyrical second theme. Both themes are lead through all instruments in different registers, colours and harmonic background. Read more

II String Quartet

Duration: 15'
Movements: Animato / Lento / Giocoso
Instrumentation: vl1 vl2 vla vc
Composed in: 1982

The piece was commissioned by and dedicated to Varsovia Quartet. At the request of band members it was written to meet their individual abilities and music styles. The form of the composition draws on the one exercised by the First Viennese School, Romantic music and such composers as Bartók, Ravel, Read more

Variations for string quartet

Czas: 17'
Części utworu: Andante / Poco viro / Moderato / Allegretto con spirito / Allegro marciale / Adagio molto / Allegro scherzando / Lento con sordino / Allegro molto / Con moto / Grave lugubre / Presto con fuoco / Allegro con troppo
Instrumentacja: vl1 vl2 vla vc
Rok: 1946

Also known as A Theme with Variations for String Quartet. The piece consists of 12 variations – Andante / Poco vivo / Moderato / Allegretto con spirito / Allegro marciale / Adagio molto / Allegro scherzando / Lento / Allegro molto / Con moto / Grave lugubre / Presto con fuoco / Allegro non troppo – and a developed double fugue.
A calm and slow theme of Andante is built of sixteen bars. First variations are strongly related to the theme, the later ones less so. Each of the variations is unique in character and a separate entity but at the same time links with the following variation. There are numerous forms here: two and three-piece songs, marches, preludes, scherzo, toccatino and double fugue.