3 Musical Moments for 5 Clarinets

Duration: 10'
Movements: Moderato / Andante / Allegro assai
Instrumentation: cl(Es) 3cl(B) cl.b
Composed in: 1985

Flute Quintet

Duration: 18'
Movements: Moderato / Andante / Comodo
Instrumentation: vl1 vl2 vla vc fl
Composed in: 1988

The piece was composed for the flute player Mrs. Elżbieta Gajewska and Wilanow Quartet in 1974. However personal changes in the Quartet delayed the work and it was finally finished in 1988. It is a composition in the sonata form with three contrasting movements. Read more

Piano Quintet

Duration: 17'
Movements: Allegro ben moderato / Andante / Con moto
Instrumentation: vl1 vl2 vla vc pft
Composed in: 1972

This three movement composition with the form close to sonata was written for the Warsaw Piano Quintet. The movements are contrasting. The first one is a free form of sonata allegro and features thematic dualism, develpoment and reprise. The second movement has a peaceful character. Each repetition Read more

Preludes for Wind Quintet

Czas: 14'
Części utworu: Calmato / Moderato / L'istesso tempo - Allegro / Lento / Deciso
Instrumentacja: fl ob cl cor fg
Rok: 1980

Quintet for Wind Instruments

Duration: 12'
Movements: Allegro / Lento / Allegro scherzando (e molto rustico)
Instrumentation: fl ob cl cor fg
Composed in: 1951

Sea-froth Cut-outs (I)

Duration: 11'
Movements: Majsterek / Przyszła koza do woza / Kołysanka / Wrzos / Strach
Instrumentation: fl ob cl(B) cor(F) fg coro (2SA)
Composed in: 1956