Duo Concertante for Organ and Piano

The composition was written to meet the demand of performing organists for a composition for organ and piano. This duo has a very rare instrumental composition where organ and not piano take a leading role. The form of the piece is in the middle between a sonata and a suite, with stylistic Read more

Dance Impressions

Suite for string orchestra composed at the request of Henryk Debich for the Orchestra of Polish Radio in Łódź.

Kurpie Suite

Composition for chamber orchestra. The specific feature of this suite is its structure. Each of the movements reflect different elements of Kurpie wedding dances.

Small Suite for 4 Horns

Also known as Quartet for 4 French Horns. For this composition composer was presented with the Award of the Minister of Defence of the 3rd degree on 12 October 1974.

Suite from the ballet Legend of Warsaw – for wind band

This piece is a transcription of Suite from the ballet Legend of Warsaw for the wind band, and was commissioned by the Polish Army Forces Representative Band.

Suite from the ballet Legend of Warsaw – for symphony orchestra

This orchestra suite contains parts from the Legend of Warsaw ballet.