Duo Concertante for Organ and Piano

Czas: 18'
Części utworu: Comodo / Largo quieto / Giocoso e scherzando / Adagio deciso
Instrumentacja: org pft
Rok: 1962

The composition was written to meet the demand of performing organists for a composition for organ and piano. This duo has a very rare instrumental composition where organ and not piano take a leading role. The form of the piece is in the middle between a sonata and a suite, with stylistic Read more

Kurpie Suite

Duration: 15'
Movements: Andante sostenuto / Allegro non troppo / Lento espressivo / Presto
Instrumentation: 1111 2210 batt archi
Composed in: 1948

Composition for chamber orchestra. The specific feature of this suite is its structure. Each of the movements reflect different elements of Kurpie wedding dances.

Small Suite for 4 Horns

Duration: 10'
Movements: Allegro / Lento / Marciale / Andante / Allegro
Instrumentation: 4 cor(F)
Composed in: 1971

Also known as Quartet for 4 French Horns. For this composition composer was presented with the Award of the Minister of Defence of the 3rd degree on 12 October 1974.