Chants of Warsaw – for men’s choir and symphony orchestra

Duration: 17'
Instrumentation: 3222 4331 batt coro (2T2B) archi
Composed in: 1980

This is the second version of cantata Chants of Warsaw originally composed for men’s choir and organ - Chants of Warsaw – for men’s choir and organ. This transcription of the composition was regarded by the composer as a better one because of the wider colour potential. The form of the piece is Read more

Concerto for Oboe and Symphony Orchestra

Duration: 15'
Movements: Moderato / Andante / Allegro
Instrumentation: 2022 2100 batt ob archi
Composed in: 1982

The piece was composed at the request of oboist Jerzy Kotyczka. It is virtuoso composition which has both demanding solo and symphonic elements with equal division between oboe and orchestra. The piece is built of three contrasting movements. The second version of this piece was written for oboe and wind band in 1987.

Concerto for Trombone and Symphony Orchestra

Duration: 22'
Movements: Moderato / Adagio molto / Scherzando
Instrumentation: 2332 4300 tmp batt trbn archi (98765)
Composed in: 1971

This piece was composed at the commission of trombonist Juliusz Pietrachowicz. It consists of three contrasting movements. The first one draws on sonata allegro with two theme groups. The exposition is followed by the virtuoso solo cadence and the ending. The second movement is similar to Read more

Homeland – song for mixed choir and symphony orchestra

Duration: 7'
Instrumentation: 3222 4331 tmp batt (3 esec) archi (87654) coro (SATB)
Composed in: 1960

The composition was written to meet the demand of national choirs for songs with a common character but with high artistic features. It has a ceremonial character and was written for the lyrics of poet Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński. It features a well developed form and is an apotheosis of a common Read more

Ode To Youth (I)

Duration: 30'
Movements: Maestoso / Lento non troppo / Con fuoco / Moderato / Poco piu mosso / Poco meno mosso
Instrumentation: 2222 4331 batt archi (98765) SMSTBar coro (SATB)
Composed in: 1950

Cantata for four voices, choir and orchestra with lyrics from Ode To Youth (Oda do młodości)  by Romantic Polish national poet Adam Mickiewicz (1978-1855). It was a diploma work of the composer at the Department of Composition at PWSM in Łódź in June 1950. The composition is in classic modernism style and Read more

Oratorio “De Revolutionibus”

Duration: 70'
Movements: Almagest / De Revolutionibus / Cosmos
Instrumentation: 2222 4331 batt (2 esec) ar org archi SATB coro (2S2ATB and boy's)
Composed in: 1972

Composition was commissioned by a Committee organising the 500th Anniversary of Birth of Nicolaus Copernicus. The oratorio was composed for selected texts and texts by Stefan Polom, that were translated to Latin by Prof. Wiktor Steffen, and it requires a large ensemble of artists – about 200 persons. Read more


Duration: 40'
Instrumentation: 3333 4331 tmp batt xlf ar archi; ST Bar B coro (2S2A) coro (2T2B) coro (SATB)
Composed in: 1967

Radio opera in one act composed for the libretto by Zbigniew Kopalka and texts of  Herodotus the Greek historian and Archilochus the Greek poet. Their texts show  sinister consequences of Aphrodite’s envy. The young and beautiful queen Ligeia enraged the Greek goddess of love envious about Zeus. As a result fights erupt in the kingdom, swords cross and blood is spilled.

I Symphony

Duration: 25'
Movements: Lento sostenuto - Allegro ben moderato / Largo pesante / Presto scherzando
Instrumentation: 3333 4331 tmp batt (3 esec) ar archi
Composed in: 1953

As opposed to the classic four-part subject symphony construction, I Symphony has three movements. The first part is preceded with the slow introduction Lento sostenuto, played on cor anglais. The second part of Allegro has a folk character of Kurpie region. Read more

II Symphony

Movements: Lento molto / Allegro moderato / Andante comodo / Allegro giocoso
Instrumentation: 3332 4331 xlf tmp batt (4 esec) ar archi
Composed in: 1957

The symphony is composed of four movements performed together as parts I and II, and III and IV. The first movement – Lento molto – is an introduction with slow and mysterious character. The second movement – Allegro moderato – works as a main symphonic allegro. The third movement – Andante comodo – is a passacagli consisting Read more

Thai National Anthem

Instrumentation: 3333 4331 tmp batt archi (picc cor.i cl(Es) cfg - ad libitum)
Composed in: 1980

This is the arrangement of Thai National Anthem for symphony orchestra commissioned by Warsaw Philharmonic (at the time National Philharmonic).