Toccata for Solo Organ (Toccata I)

It is a virtuoso composition in one movement with the two part internal structure, dedicated to Polish organist and composer Feliks RÄ…czkowski (1906-1989). It was published in 1974 by Agencja Autorska together with the Gothic Fantasy.

II Toccata

The piece was composed at the request of organist Prof. Feliks RÄ…czkowski with the intention for it to be a composition closing a recital. It was published with the Prelude for solo organ in 1982 as Diptychos.

Triptych for Organ (Triptyhon)

This piece was composed in reply to the request of organist Józef Serafin for his concert in the Silberne Kapell in Hofkirche in Innsbruck (Silver Chapel in Court Church). No pedal or limited pedal use is assumed. The piece consists of three movements: Introduction, Meditation and Read more