A Peasant, a Fox and a Dog

The piece was composed for the band Capella Bydgostiensis, performing in Filharmonia Pomorska im. Ignacego Jana Paderewskiego (Pomeranian Philharmonic) in Bydgoszcz. The composition is in a form of small cantata with lyrics from a fable by Jean de La Fontaine (1621-1695) in translation by Read more

Andante Con Melancolia

This is one movement composition for violin and piano has no name other than its tempo. It was written during Christmas Holidays in Sobieszów near Jelenia Góra in December 1955.

Andante Con Variazioni

This composition for violin and piano was written to meet educational needs of the violin 4th and 5th level at a music school. Individual variations are devoted to different technical problems that occur during a violin course.

Andante for Violin and Organ

The piece was composed at the request of organist Prof. Mirosław Pietkiewicz. This is one movement composition with the character of elegy, which has deep musical form and also virtuoso elements in the lead part of violin. Organs have an assisting function however they also have solo and dialogue parts.

Ave Maria – for mixed choir, violin, cello and organ

This is the second version of the piece written in 1991 and this one is arranged for four voice mixed choir, violin, violoncello and organ.


This is transcription of Ciaccona from the 2nd Partita D minor by J. S. Bach (BWV 1004) for violin and strings, written at the commission of Tadeusz Ochlewski, Head of Chamber Orchestra Con moto ma cantabile. Original Ciaccona was written by Bach for solo violin. Read more

Concerto for Two Violins and Orchestra

Concerto was commissioned by two violinists Bogusław and Krzysztof Bruczkowski. The piece in three movements without solo cadence and with virtuoso texture, gives opportunity to show the mastery of both soloists in different parts and instrumental set ups. The orchestra part is separate, far from accompaniment Read more

Contrapunctus XVIII

Both fugues from Contrapunctus XVIII, Die Kunst der Fuge (BWV 1080) by J. S. Bach were originally composed for 2 hapsichords. The composer transcripted the original for the string quartet.

Decet – for wind quintet and string quintet

This two movement composition was written at the commission of Mr. Andrzej Wróbel, director of the band Camerata Vistula. Both quintets are in intermittent  dialogue.

Fantasy for Violin and Piano

This composition for violin and piano with virtuoso elements was written to meet stage requirements.

Flute Quintet

The piece was composed for the flute player Mrs. Elżbieta Gajewska and Wilanow Quartet in 1974. However personal changes in the Quartet delayed the work and it was finally finished in 1988. It is a composition in the sonata form with three contrasting movements. Read more

Piano Quintet

This three movement composition with the form close to sonata was written for the Warsaw Piano Quintet. The movements are contrasting. The first one is a free form of sonata allegro and features thematic dualism, develpoment and reprise. The second movement has a peaceful character. Each repetition Read more

Lullaby – for violin and piano

This is a one movement composition written to meet educational needs.

Music for Ten

Also known as Chamber Music for 10 instruments.

Polish National Anthem – for string quartet

This is transcription of the anthem for a string quartet written for the Kwartet Varsovia.

Przybieżeli do Betlejem

This is a popular Polish Christmas carol transcripted by the composer for violin and two violas for his son Artur, his wife Maria and their daughter Katarzyna.

Sonata F major for Violin and Piano

The piece was composed to meet stage requirements with virtuoso and spectacle elements. Formally follows traditional structure and consists of three contrasting movements. It has an interesting theme especially in a mysterious second movement and in passionate and fiery movement three. The voice of violin Read more

Sonatina for Two Solo Violins

This piece was dedicated to two violinists Mrs. Irena Dubiska and Mrs. Eugenia Umińska and was later transcripted as Sonata for Two Violas (1976).

Violin Concerto

The piece was composed for violin player Mrs. Wanda WiÅ‚komirska. The composition has a classical form and consists of three movements. The first – Allegro ma non troppo e molto maestoso – with virtuoso cadenza. The second – Lento molto – with A-B-A structure. The third –  Allegro appassionato – in rondo form. Read more

When the Christ is Born – for violin and 2 violas

This is a transcription of the traditional Polish Christmas carol When the Christ is Born (Gdy siÄ™ Chrystus Rodzi) for viola and two violas for the composer’s son Artur, his wife Maria and their daughter Katarzyna.