Trio for Flute, Viola and Harp

The piece was composed for the Warsaw Harp Trio: Mrs. Elżbieta Dastych – flute, Mr. Artur Paciorkiewicz – viola and Urszula Mazurek – harp. It is a virtuoso composition written for three equally treated instruments. It is composer’s tribute and expression of fascination with Baroque music, giving both the performer and the listener a time for musical enjoyment.

There are plenty of allusions to Baroque music but thanks to the the composer’s use of harmonics, tempo, rhythm, dynamics no one can be in any doubt that it is a contemporary piece.

The first movement (Con moto) takes from Bach-style prelude, where one melody from the first alto viola bar, takes a lead. The even rhythm is specific for this movement. The second movement (Largo) is passacaglia that connects with the double fugue (L’istesso tempo).