Songs of Mazovia, Vistula and Warsaw

Compostion was written in the form of cantata as a result of fascination with poems of WÅ‚adysÅ‚aw Broniewski and consists of the following five songs – Równino mazowiecka / Rzeko piÄ™kna / Mowo polska / Nad WisÅ‚Ä… jest miasto / Warszawo, strzaskana kolumno (double fugue) – lyrics for which were taken from the poem Mazovia (Mazowsze).

The title of the composition was agreed by the composer with the author of poems and its form is largely determined by the poem. In order to increase the dramaturgy of the piece composer ended it with a double fugue which is very demanding in regard to technique, vocal skills, rhythm, expression and articulation.

Songs are characterised by cohesion of lyrics and music which is visible in symbiosis of polyphony and homophony. All songs are aimed at professional choirs.

The third movement – Mowo polska – was also transcripted for 3 equal female or children voices a capella in 1969 as To Polish Speech.