Anta Paciorkiewicz

Antonina Paciorkiewicz-Dutkiewicz

Antonina Paciorkiewicz

Antonina Paciorkiewicz. Warsaw, 1965. /photo by Paweł Paciorkiewicz/

A daughter of Tadeusz and Zofia, she was born on August 29, 1943 in Warsaw. After she finished the State Music High School in Warsaw she went to study to the State Higher Music School in Warsaw in the piano group of Prof. Jerzy Lefeld and Prof. Lidia Kozubek. When she completed her education, she devoted her life to pedagogical work and chamber music. For many years, she taught the piano at the Fryderyk Chopin II Degree State Higher Music School and then at the Józef Elsner II Degree Music School Group. She used to be a general piano lecturer at the Musical Education Department and the Theory, Composition and Conducting Department of the Fryderyk Chopin Music Academy in Warsaw.

Antonina Paciorkiewicz married Andrzej Dutkiewicz, a professional pianist and composer and professor and dean of the Fryderyk Chopin Music Academy in Warsaw. Their children are musically educated. The elder daughter Alicja is a violoncellist, and the son Krzysztof is a violinist.