3 Musical Moments for 5 Clarinets

4 Caprices (quasi una sonata) for Clarinet and Piano

Individual movements are in contrast with each other in regard to character, content and texture. They allow to show possibilities of two instruments with particular accent on clarinet technical and expressive abilities.

6 Miniatures for 4 Trombones

Composer was presented with the Award of Minister of Defence of 3rd Degree for this composition in 1974.

Allegro for Clarinet and Horn

This one movement piece for clarinet and horn has a form of rondo.

Andante Calmato

One movement piece for cello and organ.

Andante Con Melancolia

This is one movement composition for violin and piano has no name other than its tempo. It was written during Christmas Holidays in Sobieszów near Jelenia Góra in December 1955.

Andante Con Variazioni

This composition for violin and piano was written to meet educational needs of the violin 4th and 5th level at a music school. Individual variations are devoted to different technical problems that occur during a violin course.

Andante for Violin and Organ

The piece was composed at the request of organist Prof. Mirosław Pietkiewicz. This is one movement composition with the character of elegy, which has deep musical form and also virtuoso elements in the lead part of violin. Organs have an assisting function however they also have solo and dialogue parts.

Andante for Violin and Viola

The piece was composed for the composer’s granddaughter and his son Artur.

Aria for Viola and Organ

This one movement piece was composed at the commission of Organ Conversatory in Legnica. It was also transcripted for piano as Aria for Viola and Piano.