Aria for Viola and Piano

This one movement piece is a transcription of Aria for Viola and Organ for piano.

Chamber Music for 2 Brass Quartets

Also known as Kammermusik für 2 Blechbleserquartette the composition consists of six contrasting movements. Main features are polyphony and dual-choir – constant correspondence between individual voices as well as the two quartets.

Chorale for 4 Trombones

The piece was composed for the Warsaw Trombone Quartet of Stanisław Pierożek and is based on themes of Polish church songs.

Duo Concertante for Organ and Piano

The composition was written to meet the demand of performing organists for a composition for organ and piano. This duo has a very rare instrumental composition where organ and not piano take a leading role. The form of the piece is in the middle between a sonata and a suite, with stylistic

Decet – for wind quintet and string quintet

This two movement composition was written at the commission of Mr. Andrzej Wróbel, director of the band Camerata Vistula. Both quintets are in intermittent  dialogue.

Divertimento for Clarinet and Piano

The piece was written as part of composer’s plan to write a series of compositions for wind instruments in a cooperation with the Department of Wind Instruments at PWSM in Warsaw. The piece has three movements with the first and the third lively and joyful. The second movement has a melodious

Duo Concertante for Clarinet and Piano

The piece was composed at the request of clarinet player Prof. Ludwik Kurkiewicz. The second version is a transcription for viola – Concerto Duo for Viola and Piano (1974).

Duo Concertante for Viola and Piano

The piece was dedicated to the composer’s son. The first version was composed for clarinet in 1973 – Concerto Duo for Clarinet and Piano.

Duo for Clarinet and Horn

This one movement piece was composed at the commission of clarinet player Prof. Ludwik Kurkiewicz.

Fantasy for Violin and Piano

This composition for violin and piano with virtuoso elements was written to meet stage requirements.