I Piano Concerto (Polish)

Duration: 25'
Movements: Allegro ben moderato / Andante / Allegro scherzando
Instrumentation: 1121 2110 tmp batt (2 esec) pft archi
Composed in: 1951

The piece was written with educational needs in mind, to fill the gap between grand vituoso concertos of the past and contemporary modern and often too individualistic compositions. The piece has Polish folk elements and a classic concerto form. The first movement is built on two contrasting subjects with

II Piano Concerto

Duration: 28'
Movements: Allegro / Andante con variazioni / Allegro scherzando
Instrumentation: 3332 4331 tmp batt (3 esec) pft archi (88675)
Composed in: 1954

This piano concert was composed specifically for a renowned Polish pianist Mr. Władysław Kędra (1918-1968), who performed the piece on numerous occasions in Poland and abroad. The piece has a classic piano concerto structure with many technically demanding elements,

Soldier’s Fantasy

Duration: 7'
Composed in: 1968

This composition was commissioned by cellist and composer, Prof. Arnold Rezler (1909-2000), artistic director of the Polish Army Forces Representative Band. The piece is a simple sonata in form and is based on popular soldier songs Marsz Gwardii Ludowej and Oka. Harmonics as well as the melodic style of the Fantasy is tonal and

Solemn Overture

Duration: 8'
Instrumentation: picc fl* ob* 3cl cl.b fg* / sxfalt sxften sxfbar / tmp tmb gr.c piatti / 2crt(B) 2tr(B)* 3cor(Es) 3trbn / ten(B) bar(B) tb cbbas /* - could be 2fl 2ob 2fg 3tr(B)
Composed in: 1977

The piece was composed for the International Festival of Wind Bands in Uster in Switzerland  in October 1977. Composer was presented with the Award of Minister of Defence of 2nd degree for this composition in 1978.