Duo Concertante for Organ and Piano

Czas: 18'
Części utworu: Comodo / Largo quieto / Giocoso e scherzando / Adagio deciso
Instrumentacja: org pft
Rok: 1962

The composition was written to meet the demand of performing organists for a composition for organ and piano. This duo has a very rare instrumental composition where organ and not piano take a leading role. The form of the piece is in the middle between a sonata and a suite, with stylistic Read more

Introit Protector Noster

Czas: 14'
Części utworu: Lento misterioso
Instrumentacja: coro (SATB)
Rok: 1973

This four voices song was composed at the commission of Warszawski Chór Międzyuczelniany in Warsaw. It has a form of motet and A-B-A’ structure and was written to illustrate liturgical texts from Roman Missal that are meant to be read on the XIV Sunday after the Pentecost.

Red Łódź

Rok: 1949

Red Łódź – original title Czerwona Łódź – is a small cantata for choir and orchestra composed at the request of Łódź Singers Society (Łódzki Związek Śpiewaczy). It is a simple texture elaboration on proletariat folk aimed at amateur choirs.

The name of the composition refers to the name of a street in Łódź where in the mid XIX century a dyeing factory of Lange, later Geyer, was situated. Discharge from the factory was red and was flowing freely along the pavements. Hence the name of the street – Red Street. Sewage system was put in place in 1937 but the name remained.

Words of the song were likely to be written during a thatcher strike in 1932.