Adagio and Allegro

The piece was composed for the Karol Teutsch National Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra in Warsaw. In this two movement coposition composer draws on the traditional sonata form. The first movement is slow and contemplative with a dense and saturated sound. Read more

Concerto for Oboe and Wind Band

This concerto is a transcription for a wind band of an earlier composition for symphony orchestra. It is a virtuoso piece with a balanced oboe voice and the orchestra.

Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra

This is a virtuoso piece for a soloist with the standalone orchestra part. The virtuoso trumpet cadenza is in the first movement.

Concerto for Two Violins and Orchestra

Concerto was commissioned by two violinists Bogusław and Krzysztof Bruczkowski. The piece in three movements without solo cadence and with virtuoso texture, gives opportunity to show the mastery of both soloists in different parts and instrumental set ups. The orchestra part is separate, far from accompaniment Read more

Concerto for Viola and Orchestra

Also  known as Concerto for Viola. This composition was written for the composer’s son, viola player Artur Paciorkiewicz. It is a virtuoso cheerful three movement piece. The first movement – Allegro deciso – is based on two clearly contrasting theme groups. The second one has a regular three-part form. Read more

Concerto for Viola, Organ and Orchestra

The piece was composed for viola player Artur Paciorkiewicz (composer’s son) and organist Joachim Grubich.

Czemuście mnie mamuliczko

A song for solo soprano, choir and chamber orchestra aimed at amateur choirs.

Dance Impressions

Suite for string orchestra composed at the request of Henryk Debich for the Orchestra of Polish Radio in Łódź.

Earth’s Burden – for solo soprano and orchestra

This is a series of five songs for soprano voice and piano – Ogrody dzieciÅ„stwa / Martwa natura / Narodziny liryki / Jeszcze kilka pieÅ›ni / Od liÅ›ci po obÅ‚oki – composed for the lyrics of WÅ‚odzimierz SÅ‚obodnik. Uniform music and the texture matching technical possibilities are characteristic forthis piece. Originally the piece was composed for soprano voice and piano (1961).

Moderato Grazioso

It is one movement piece for piano and orchestra, easy to play and listen to.Formerly known as Allegretto Grazioso, this piece was commissioned by Polish conductor and composer Henryk Debich (1921-2001) for his son.

Music for Mezzo-soprano and Strings

This composition was commissioned by Karol Teutsch, Head of Chamber Band of Filharmonia Narodowa (Warsaw Philharmonic). It is one movement piece with vocalise and easy structure close to A-B-A form. It means that the piece consists of a couple of episodes where the last one is a repetition Read more

Music for Soprano and String Band

This composition was written for the soprano singer Jadwiga Gadulanka and the Chamber Band of Filharmonia Narodowa (Warsaw Philharmonic) lead by Karol Teutsch. It is one movement piece with vocalise and easy structure close to A-B-A form. It means that the piece consists of a couple of Read more

Ode To Youth (II)

Cantata for four voices, choir and orchestra with lyrics from Ode To Youth (Oda do młodości) by Romantic Polish national poet Adam Mickiewicz (1978-1855). The piece was composed for the Mixed Choir Surma on its 60th anniversary. It is a modernised version of the diploma work of the composer which Read more

I Piano Concerto (Polish)

The piece was written with educational needs in mind, to fill the gap between grand vituoso concertos of the past and contemporary modern and often too individualistic compositions. The piece has Polish folk elements and a classic concerto form. The first movement is built on two contrasting subjects with Read more

II Piano Concerto

This piano concert was composed specifically for a renowned Polish pianist Mr. Władysław Kędra (1918-1968), who performed the piece on numerous occasions in Poland and abroad. The piece has a classic piano concerto structure with many technically demanding elements, Read more

PÅ‚ock Scientific Society Anthem – for choir and orchestra

This anthem was arranged for choir and orchestra with lyrics by Jan Chojnacki. Another version of this composition was written for men’s choir and piano.

Red Łódź

Red Łódź – original title Czerwona Łódź – is a small cantata for choir and orchestra composed at the request of Łódź Singers Society (Łódzki ZwiÄ…zek Åšpiewaczy). It is a simple texture elaboration on proletariat folk aimed at amateur choirs.

The name of the composition refers to the name of a street in Łódź where in the mid XIX century a dyeing factory of Lange, later Geyer, was situated. Discharge from the factory was red and was flowing freely along the pavements. Hence the name of the street – Red Street. Sewage system was put in place in 1937 but the name remained.

Words of the song were likely to be written during a thatcher strike in 1932.

Scherzino (Intermezzo)

A cheerful and jolly one movement piece for piano and orchestra.

IV Symphony – for symphony orchestra

Transcripted for symphony orchestra. This piece was also written in transcription for chamber orchestra.

Violin Concerto

The piece was composed for violin player Mrs. Wanda WiÅ‚komirska. The composition has a classical form and consists of three movements. The first – Allegro ma non troppo e molto maestoso – with virtuoso cadenza. The second – Lento molto – with A-B-A structure. The third –  Allegro appassionato – in rondo form. Read more