6 Miniatures for 4 Trombones

Duration: 10'
Movements: Lento moderato / Allegretto / Moderato maestoso / Marciale grottesco / Grave maestoso / Allegro scherzando
Instrumentation: 4 trbn
Composed in: 1972

Composer was presented with the Award of Minister of Defence of 3rd Degree for this composition in 1974.

Concerto for Trombone and Symphony Orchestra

Duration: 22'
Movements: Moderato / Adagio molto / Scherzando
Instrumentation: 2332 4300 tmp batt trbn archi (98765)
Composed in: 1971

This piece was composed at the commission of trombonist Juliusz Pietrachowicz. It consists of three contrasting movements. The first one draws on sonata allegro with two theme groups. The exposition is followed by the virtuoso solo cadence and the ending. The second movement is similar to Read more