Sonatina for piano

Duration: 4'
Movements: Allegro / Andante espressivo / Allegretto scherzando / Allegro giocoso
Instrumentation: pft
Composed in: 1952

This is a four movements piece – Allegro / Andante espressivo / Alegretto scherzando / Allegro giocoso – in cyclical form. The fourth movement – Allegro giocoso – has a form of rondo with features of sonata allegro. This part is based on Polish national folk dances such as kujawiak and oberek

Stanisław Dybowski in his article Recital Danuty Kleczkowskiej published in Słowo Powszechne on 16 February, 1984 wrote: “… the artist (Mrs. Danuta Kleczkowska) performed sonatina by Tadeusz Paciorkiewicz, which no one knows why is not popular, despite all the signs of the musical hit. Received with applause from the public, she later played another piece by the composer – miniature Żarcik“.