Ode To Youth (II)

Cantata for four voices, choir and orchestra with lyrics from Ode To Youth (Oda do mÅ‚odoÅ›ci) by Romantic Polish national poet Adam Mickiewicz (1978-1855). The piece was composed for the Mixed Choir Surma on its 60th anniversary. It is a modernised version of the diploma work of the composer which was written in 1950 – Ode To Youth (I). The difference is in simplified solo vocal parts especially that of soprano voice. Choral parts remained unchanged.

Although vocal parts have a very important role in a cantata, the function of the orchestra is quite broad in this composition. It creates an appropriate ambience in all movements. It is also autonomic in some sections such as introduction and links between vocal and instrumental parts. It builds and dismantles culminations and is independent in regards to rhythm and melody. The composition is performed without any breaks. Separate parts connected with a theme or form are however clearly visible. The piece is very typical and – either in exact or allusion form – has all cantata forms.