Warsaw Triptych

Duration: 9'
Movements: Warszawo w mur potężna / Będziemy znowu mieszkać / Warszawo, ty jesteś jak zdrowie
Instrumentation: coro (SATB)
Composed in: 1985

The piece consists of three songs for four voice mixed choir and was composed at the commission of Warsaw Mixed Choir Surma (Warszawski Chór Mieszany Surma). Lyrics by three poets were used in the composition: Warszawo w mur potężna by Zygmunt Laukowski, Będziemy znowu mieszkać by Leopold Staff and Warszawo, ty jesteś jak zdrowie by Tadeusz Kubiak. These songs are respectively parts I, IV and VII of the earlier composition titled Chants of Warsaw – cantata for men’s choir and organ (1980) as well as Chants of Warsaw – cantata for men’s choir and symphony orchestra (1980). The texture of the composition is homophonic.