II Piano Concerto

This piano concert was composed specifically for a renowned Polish pianist Mr. Władysław Kędra (1918-1968), who performed the piece on numerous occasions in Poland and abroad. The piece has a classic piano concerto structure with many technically demanding elements, provided by the composer specially for Władysław Kędra. The piece features richness of the melodic invention. Themes are expressive, clear, contrasting, and extremely dynamic, offering the performer almost unlimited possibilities for interpretation.

First movement is the energetic  Allegro with virtuoso cadence. The second – Andante con variazioni – is a slow, melodic theme with Polish folk character, consisting of eight variations: L’istesso tempo (or Poco piu mosso), Allegro scherzando, Andante tranquillo, Energico, Piu mosso, Lento, Andantino i Allegro. The third movement is an apotheosis of the variation theme – Allegro scherzando is a lively rondo with a classic A-B-A-C-A structure where folk episodes interweave with chorus. The group of bassoons in this movement is complemented with a contrabassoon.