Concerto Alla Barocco

This piece for harpsichord and a chamber orchestra  was commissioned by renowned Polish pianist and hapsichord player Mrs. Julitta Sleńdzińska (1927-1992). The form of the composition is going far from the classic structure and is similar to earlier concerti grossi. There are a lot of allusions and references typical for Read more

Concerto for Cello and Chamber Orchestra

This composition was commissioned by the cellist Andrzej Wrobel. It is three movement piece with contrasting narrative and ambience, which were achieved by diversified use of melodic, rhythm, harmony and counterpoint as well as colour specific to different instruments. The form of the composition is typical for the solo instrument with a chamber band.

Czemuście mnie mamuliczko

A song for solo soprano, choir and chamber orchestra aimed at amateur choirs.

Kurpie Suite

Composition for chamber orchestra. The specific feature of this suite is its structure. Each of the movements reflect different elements of Kurpie wedding dances.

Small Polish Triptych for orchestra

The piece was composed for the Chamber Orchestra of Polish Radio in Łódź and is the archetype of the piano version of this piece – Small Polish Triptych for piano.

IV Symphony – for chamber orchestra