Music for short film “ABC malarstwa”

Duration: 19'
Composed in: 1959

ABC malarstwa was an educational film about art produced by Wytwórnia Filmów OÅ›wiatowych w Łodzi. It teaches about history of painting from Gothic to the XX century and about theory of painting, means of expression and development of form in particular. Director and script author – Bohdan MoÅ›cicki; commentary – Prof. Jan BiaÅ‚ostocki; camera – MieczysÅ‚aw Vogt; consultation – Marian Minich and StanisÅ‚aw FijaÅ‚kowski.

Music for short film “Lis chytrusek”

Duration: 12'
Composed in: 1951

Music illustrating a black and white film produced in Studio Filmów KukieÅ‚kowych in Łódź. Director and script author – Zenon Wasilewski; camera – Zygmunt KamiÅ„ski. The plot of the film is about a hungry fox which had been praising the alleged beauty of the crow’s voice for so long that the crow eventually opened its beak and dropped the cheese, for which the fox was waiting.

Music for short film “Pyza”

Duration: 10'
Composed in: 1959

The film produced in colour in Studio Filmów Lalkowych w Tuszynie near Łódź. Director and script author – Lucjan DembiÅ„ski; camera – Leszek Nartowski.

A story about a girl created from a dumpling and her adventures with a little hare she met on their way to the town of Toruń. Based on the stories Pyza na polskich dróżkach by Hanna Januszewska.