Of Chopin songs

Movements: Po klawiszach / Czy przypominasz / Jak mazurek zuchowaty / Och, walc ten znajomy / O, błogosławiona pieśni ukojenia / Na klawiszach
Instrumentation: coro (SATB)
Composed in: 1948

Cantata for 4 voice mixed choir with lyrics by Artur Oppman. The inspiration to compose the series of songs in different rhythms and musical ambience was taken from poems of Artur Oppman. The composition consists of six songs – Po klawiszach / Czy przypominasz / Jak mazurek zuchowaty /

Orpheus in the Woods

Duration: 18'
Movements: Zamysł / Wahanie / Płacz / Wstyd / Zmaganie / Porażka
Instrumentation: coro
Composed in: 1977

Orpheus in the Woods is a cantata consisting of six songs with the lyrics by Polish poet Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński (1921-1944). The contents, dramaturgy and formal arrangement of this composition is determined by the original poem and its emotions, changes of atmosphere and bright and charming poetical form.

Polish Litany

Duration: 9'
Movements: Comodo
Instrumentation: coro (SATB)
Composed in: 1984

The piece is a song for four voice mixed choir. It was composed at the request of father Kazimierz Szymonik for the Choir of Akademia Teologii Katolickiej in Warsaw. It is religious composition in one movement in the form of litany with lyrics by father Jan Twardowski. Pleading character – so