Of Chopin songs

Cantata for 4 voice mixed choir with lyrics by Artur Oppman. The inspiration to compose the series of songs in different rhythms and musical ambience was taken from poems of Artur Oppman. The composition consists of six songs – Po klawiszach / Czy przypominasz / Jak mazurek zuchowaty / Och, walc ten znajomy / O, bÅ‚ogosÅ‚awiona pieÅ›ni ukojenia / Na klawiszach. Based on the text of individual poems composer refers to favourite forms of Frederic Chopin: preludium, nocturn, mazurka, waltz. The first and the last part keeps the whole piece together. The form is cyclical with A-B-C-D-E-A’ structure. The composition received a distinction at the music competition in Warsaw in 1949.