Concerto for Two Violins and Orchestra

Duration: 19'
Instrumentation: 3222 4331 batt (3 esec) vl1 vl2 archi (87654)
Composed in: 1983

Concerto was commissioned by two violinists Bogusław and Krzysztof Bruczkowski. The piece in three movements without solo cadence and with virtuoso texture, gives opportunity to show the mastery of both soloists in different parts and instrumental set ups. The orchestra part is separate, far from accompaniment

Concerto for Viola and Orchestra

Duration: 14'
Instrumentation: Allegro deciso / Lento moderato / Allegro scherzando
Composed in: 1976

Also  known as Concerto for Viola. This composition was written for the composer’s son, viola player Artur Paciorkiewicz. It is a virtuoso cheerful three movement piece. The first movement – Allegro deciso – is based on two clearly contrasting theme groups. The second one has a regular three-part form.

Concerto for Organ and String Band (II Organ Concerto)

Duration: 22'
Movements: Moderato / Andante / Giocoso
Instrumentation: archi (44321 lub 11111) org
Composed in: 1988

This composition was commissioned by Organ Conversatorium in Legnica. Composer allows for performance with string quintet instead of orchestra. The form of the composition draws on the best examples of solo concerto with orchestra.