Kurpie Suite

Duration: 15'
Movements: Andante sostenuto / Allegro non troppo / Lento espressivo / Presto
Instrumentation: 1111 2210 batt archi
Composed in: 1948

Composition for chamber orchestra. The specific feature of this suite is its structure. Each of the movements reflect different elements of Kurpie wedding dances.

March No. 2 (Parade March)

Duration: 4'
Movements: Marciale
Instrumentation: picc fl 2ob cl(Es) 3cl(B) cl(bB) 2fg cfg cl.b 2sxfalt(Es) 2sxften(B) sxfbar(Es) / 4cor(F) 4tr(B) 4trsygn(Es) 4trbn / tmp tmb c.rul gr.c piatti / 2crt(B) ten(B) bar 2tb
Composed in: 1978

Composition for large wind band. The piece was commissioned by Polish Amy Forces Representative Band for the 35th Anniversary of Polish Armed Forces. Composer was presented with the Award of the Minister of Defence of the 2nd degree for this composition on 1978.